Here are more details of the items we are selling on eBay.


Here are videos showing the capabilities of the display. I am not promising that you are going to be able to do animations as good as this, you need a fairly competent level of graphic editing skills and some artistic flair to achieve this, it won't draw the cartoons for you! I have seen much better animations than these, I just don't have the files to be able to download them. The St Patricks Day, Coke and Zebra (why!) animations are supplied with the software. The video quality is very very basic, it is just intended to give an idea of how dynamic the display is. The video was taken with a cheap digital stills camera, because of the high resolution of the display and relatively low video resolution you get a lot of pixelation and some 'cross colour artifacts' (the sort of rainbow interference) - in actual life the displays are clear as a bell. For the standalone file videos you will need the relevant CODEC / player.

Very Basic MS Video 1 AVI Integrated within Browser (Microsoft Interwet Exploder Only)
DIVX 5.1.1 .AVI = 1,747KB
Apple QuickTime .MOV = 1,972KB

Photo showing the sign body in decent order. This bezel is the worst condition. It looks as if it has been left on a damp floor as there are signs of aluminium oxide pitting, this is just cosmetic. If the bidding goes over a certain amount (can't remember what I said in the listing, but not much) we will strip them and repaint them. Or any idiot could take them off, sand them down and spray them with a 'puff can'

Photo showing the sign. The back is patterened acrylic. At a casual glance it is in good condition. There are a couple of light scratches towards the bottom. The paper label is torn, we will replace this with a laminated label when we do the safety test.

Vertical Metal Cut Off Chop Saw 3 Phase

The blade is HSS, with hundreds of teeth. The machine has 2 speeds, not sure of the exact speeds but approx 60/120 revs/minute (the normal for this type of machine).

Better quality, higher resolution photo of the saw.

The other side, note that the cutout in the upper blade guard is to allow it to clear the vice.

Front view showing the suds, pump and the removable swarf tray.

Picture showing an example of what we used the machine for. We managed to set it up with home made length stops (OK, bits of box section clamped to the bed, not included) so the accuracy was supperb as you can see from the quality of the fit.