The Web's only 'Virtual' Target Actual Display
The Web's only 'Virtual' Target Actual Display.

1. Change the TARGET RATE in the CONTROL PANEL i.e. the number of 'units' you aim to make per second/minute/hour.
2. Press the START button on the CONTROL PANEL to set things going.
3. The Target figure on the display will count up at the rate specified.
4. Click on the conveyor belt - a box will go past the sensor & the Actual figure will increment.
Cable between sensor & displayCable between sensor & display
CLICK HERE to 'roll one more off the production line'
CLICK HERE to 'roll one more off the production line'
Cable between computer (Control Panel) & display
Press To Start   Press to Stop   Press to Reset all figures to zero

We do not claim to be as good at creating Web pages as we are at building electronic displays. This 'virtual' display has been tested on a variety of browsers (err, OK we admit it, we have tried Netscape 4, IE4 & IE5 for Windows), however please accept our apologies if this 'virtual' display behaves in a strange way. If you do find any quirks then please drop us a short EMail describing the symptoms, with details of your browser and we will do our best to fix it.

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