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'Dynamic Factory' System

Dynamic Factory is a complete system linked to optical sensors on your production line which allows monitoring of production performance both on and off the shopfloor. The system is very flexible and comes in many guises but essentially it works as follows:

The diagram below gives the structure of a complete system, however it is possible to start off with just individual line boards or a single scoreboard and add further components at a later date.
'Dynamic Factory' System Diagram
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Industrial Displays
A 3 digit, 7-segment, 120mm character counter. Controlled by a PLC on a production line. (supplied via EY Automation)

Industrial Displays
A 75mm character 'batch board'. Setup via an infra red remote control and then automatically runs using manual pushbuttons. (supplied via LED Systems)

Industrial Displays
A 120mm, 7-segment scoreboard. Takes information from an existing SCADA system. (supplied via Esprit Communications)

Industrial Displays
Not strictly speaking industrial but related. 100mm character board with 150mm red clock. Gives information on 6 trains in a service shed. Data comes from a computer in the production office. The fields in the remarks column automatically scroll independently of the others if there is too much information to fit static. (supplied via Infomatrix Systems Ltd)

Industrial Displays
120mm, 7 segment display. Information is setup with an infra red remote control and then counts according to signals from a PLC. Automatically calculates averages. (supplied via EY Automation)

Industrial Displays
100mm main display with 50mm clock. Double sided. Customer programs the display directly from their existing system. (supplied via LED Systems Ltd)

Individual Line Displays

In most cases a 'master' line display is positioned on each production line, this takes an input from an appropriate sensor and also looks after commands from either the computer or local control unit. Further 'slave' line displays can be added on any line to replicate the information from the 'master' display. Line displays are built to suit your exact requirements in terms of layout, colour coding, character size (depends on viewing distance), single/double sided, number of digits (depends on how many units you anticipate making), with or without clock, your company logo and any other printing etc.

Landscape Target Actual Display with 120mm Characters
Single sided line board with 120mm high characters, 4 digit target/actual and a clock.

Portrait Target Actual Display with 120mm Characters
Single sided line board with 120mm high characters and 5 digit target/actual.

Scoreboard Displays

In most situations a scoreboard is added as a 'slave' display to replicate information from the 'master' lineboards. However where the line boards have been ommitted it is possible for the scoreboard to act as a master and take inputs from the sensor and be controlled by a computer. A scoreboard placed in a prominent location is always an excellent addition to the system as it promotes competition between the lines by allowing easy and direct comparisons to be made.

Main Scoreboard with 120mm Characters
Single sided scoreboard for 7 lines with 120mm high characters, 5 digit target/actual and a clock.


The 'Dynamic Factory' control software comes included with any lineboard or scoreboard no matter how large the investment. Mimic software is also available which allows any PC on your network (LAN or WAN) to display live information from the system anywhere within your organisation.

'Dynamic Factory' Control Software
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Every Dynamic Factory system is unique and is completely tailored to suit each customer. Dynamic are keen to incorporate new ideas into the system, the following are examples of variations on the theme:

See how it works on-line

Click on the link below and you can try a simple demonstration to see how the system works.

Have a look at the virtual displayHave a look at the virtual display
[Click to see the virtual display]
[Click to try the Virtual Target Actual Display]

Fault Reporting

Any standard display can be interfaced via opto isolated inputs to any PLC. Commonly an 8 bit binary input will trigger one of 256 messages, other operting schemes can be concocted to suit individual requirements. A unique feature to Dynamic is the ability to display the time at which the page was triggered hence showing the workforce the time at which the fault condition occured.

Dynamic Message Model DM100-32
Model DM100-32, 32 100mm Characters, 24V binary message triggering.

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