Special Displays

This is where Dynamic really pull far away from the competition, the other displays on you have seen on the site tend to be a cut above the rest, but the ones on this page are truely bespoke, designed and built to precisely fit exactly the customers requirement. Dynamic Display pride themselves in their unique ability to design special displays at amazing prices. Their track record at delivering special displays installed on time, to budget, with reliable software and hardware which meets your requirements from delivery is unsurpassed.

Any special projects can be budgeted to suit your requirements:

If you can come up with an original application for a display which has scope for further marketing then Dynamic Display can design and build these at a discounted rate in exchange for the right to market your idea.

The following selection of displays will give you an idea of what can be achieved.

Special Displays
A quarry application - the tar plant. A standard 100m amber message board gives truck drivers general information. A set of forward/reverse traffic light systems allows the operator to control the trucks position from quarter of a mile away via CCTV. Green allows them to enter the hopper. Whilst red they must stay under the hopper (or they have to shovel the tar up themselves!). The operator can tell the driver to stay still, reverse or go forward to ensure the tar is distributed throughtout the length of the bed of the truck. (supplied via LED Systems Ltd)

Special Displays
120mm, 7 segment, 2 digit queue time display for a theme park, built into themed roundels built by Bob Pullinger Signs. The queue time for each ride is automaticly updated via radio (see the antenna sticking out of the top) from a software package written specifically for the Tussauds group. Thorpe Park (Click for more info) (supplied via Jayex)

Special Displays
Standard 100mm FULL / SPACES display. Controlled directly from existing car park controllers. Dynamic also design car park controllers to take counts from entrance and exit barriers including small count displays and outputs to databases.

Special Displays
A 'Lost Time' display for a logistics company. Fairly elaborate vinyl printed screen. If there have been no accidents the green LED border lights up static top and bottom (as picutre). If there has been an accident then amber LEDs flash alternately left and right. If there has been a fatality then red LEDs flash alternately left and right. Certain figures count up automatically at midnight. Display is 1.8m x 1.2m. (Supplied via LED Systems Ltd)

Special Displays
A system to keep track of 50 large pieces of plant at a container terminal. The maintenance crew can see whether a piece of plant is working (green tick), broken (red cross) or not available (red slash). The information can be set remotely via their computer network or via buttons directly on the display. The information is recorded at 10 minute intervals to a database to allow the customer to produce various reports (for example it may be part of the terminals contract to The London Port Authority to have 60% of a certain straddle lift operating at any time, this allows them to prove it). Display is approx 4.5m x 1m. (Supplied via Jayex Technology Ltd)

Roulette Wheel

Roulette Wheel

Since 1994 Dynamic Display have been manufacturing and installing around 20 per year of these unique point of sale promotion units. Working closely with the architects and main-contractor on new-build and refurbished units of a large chain of themed pubs, ensures that the unit fits seemlessly into the pub environment.

The idea of the product is to stimulate business at the bar by setting one of 6 special offers (two for one etc). The bar staff simply press a button and the lights in the wheel spin around making a loud 'roulette noise' as they go, the spinning slows down until eventually it appears to stop randomly (yes, they can fix the offer if they like). The special offer then flashes and the customers have a limited amount of time to take up the offer which is counted down on the display.

Queueing System

Waterloo Internation Terminal

This queueing system was developed to suit the customers exacting operating requirements and meet all the safety requirements of a railway station, it also required a high-tech finish to suit the upmarket ticket hall environment. The design of the counter meant that the distance from the call units on each counter was up to 100 metres to the display, with a conventional system the 24 counters and 3 displays would need over a mile of cabling. To avoid the unreliability and cost associated with installing that amount of cable, Dynamic designed a unique system based on 'intelligent' call units daisy-chained on a single cable to each counter. Since developing the system Dynamic have gone on to supply it to a number of other customers.

Bracknell Forest Council


Blue Magicball

Ideal for reception areas, point of sale and exhibition applications, Dynamic supply these fantastic displays which are made in Germany. The units consist of a smoked perspex globe onto which your message is mysteriously projected from within. A message of up to 8000 characters rotates smoothly through all 360 degrees of the ball. They are available for either infra-red remote or PC message control. They are available in a range of message colours; red, green, yellow, orange, blue or white.

Progress Boards

British Airways Aircraft Hangar

This progress board has been designed for a giant aircraft hangar to track the progress of maintenance on aeroplanes.

Regular Displays - Special Size

13 Character 30mm Moving Message

This moving message was designed to a customers exact requirements to fit into a vending machine. The display is completely standalone, all the electronics, power and display components are on a single, easy to fit board. Programming is via Dynamics standard remote control handset. The cost and size of the display was kept down by using an advanced microprocessor with an integral memory and a minimum number of peripheral components.

'Foreign' Language Displays

Cyrilic/Russian/Serbo Croat  Greek  Hebrew

Arabic   Hindi   Japanese   Mandarin

Foreign character sets can be supported on either moving message, multiline noticeboard or full graphic format displays. Dynamic are always willing to develop, with the customers participation, displays capable of any language.

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