Time Temperature Displays

Time Temperature Displays (this page is under construction - sorry about missing graphics)

Time and or temperature can be incorporated into any of our standard message or graphic displays.

This page shows dedicated displays showing either time, date, temperature or any combination of these. Temperature usually comes from a local sensor, we can also interface to systems to display swimming pool temperatures, with automatic conversion and alternating display between Celcius and Fahrenheit, also multiple pools can be handled on a single display. All time displays have a built in clock with battery backup. The time can be updated either from a remote control, push buttons, a computer, GPS Global Positioning System (works anywhere) or MSF Rugby (which is a cheap way of doing it).

Time Temperature Displays
50mm temperature only display in an oversize box. (supplied via LED Systems Ltd)

Time Temperature Displays
A pair of 100mm temperature displays built as a single display. These read signals from a standard poool control system. The displays automatically alternate between Degrees Fahrenheit and Celcius. (supplied via LED Systems Ltd)

Time Temperature Displays
150mm characters. Temperature in red, time in pure green. One of a pair of units which were mounted either side of a monolithic totem sign. The pair were synchronised between one another to show the same time and temperature. Time received from the Rugby MSF signal. (supplied via LED Systems Ltd)

Time Temperature Displays
325mm characters, built for pole mounting. Alternates between Time and Temperature. All 3 faces are synchronised to change at the same time and show the correct time via Rugby MSF and the same temperature. (supplied via LED Systems Ltd)

Time Temperature Displays
500mm characters. Alternates between Time and Temperature (supplied via LED Systems Ltd)

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